Harder, Better, Colder, Grimmer- A Kolgrima Tactica.

I’ve been playing Kolgrima pretty solidly since she came out with the Northkin release, and the more I’ve played her, the more I’ve come to believe she’s one of the most powerful warlocks in our faction. Not only does she have a great suite of abilities, she’s also fantastic in a lot of matchups that... Continue Reading →


Vlad Tzpesci, Great Prince of Umbrey vs Goreshade, Lord of Ruin

  Saturday usually means one thing. Glen and I will probably have a game of warmachine. Last Saturday was no exception. His list: https://conflictchamber.com/#c4201b_-0B0Wc3i22E2k2k2ndWh-h_bB Cryx Army - 75 / 75 points [Theme] Dark Host Goreshade, Lord of Ruin [+27] - Kraken [36] Bane Lord Tartarus [0(6)] Darragh Wrathe [9] Machine Wraith [2] Machine Wraith [2] Necrotech... Continue Reading →

UKISS Steamroller Round 2

Round 2 see's me against Ben Thomas who I seem to draw at every event ever. Ben has got a new Vyros2 list and Rahn with double AFG. The lists: Ben: Adeptis Rahn (Defenders of Ios) -Sylys Wyshnaylrr, The Seeker -Chimera -Phoenix Arcantrik Force Generator Arcantrik Force Generator Arcanist Mechanik Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios Fane... Continue Reading →

Vlad3 vs Old Witch3 20/03/18

Tonight's club game see's me against Matt and his Bump in the night Old Witch 3 list. The scenario is standoff and Matt wins the roll and chooses to go first.   So with this being a new list i make the noobest of mistakes and only deploy a minimum unit of outriders on the... Continue Reading →

UKISS Steam Roller 17/03/18

Last weekend saw me at the latest North West UKISS qualifier at Harlequins in Preston. My two lists are Vlad1 as normal but paired with a curve ball Butcher3 WoW list. P.s only 8 players turned up so it was a chill 3 round event! Game 1 - Khador (John Tavenor) First game is a... Continue Reading →

Grymkin vs The World – Game 5

With my pairing now settled it was time to get some practice in.  This week was playing Jane with her Gators.  Seeing as she'd picked up Barney2 recently and I'd picked up the Dreamer we decided to avoid the standard two lists and just play new stuff!  The scenario was Breakdown which worked well as... Continue Reading →

Grymkin vs the World – Game 2

This weeks game was into Rob and his Circle.  I'd reverted my pair to the tournament list after last week's fiasco. This basically meant swapping 2xfrightmares for 2 gorehounds, 4 cask imps and a mad caps unit. I thought this gave me more options going forward and asked good questions of melee orientated lists. The... Continue Reading →


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