Grymkin vs The World – Game 5

With my pairing now settled it was time to get some practice in.  This week was playing Jane with her Gators.  Seeing as she'd picked up Barney2 recently and I'd picked up the Dreamer we decided to avoid the standard two lists and just play new stuff!  The scenario was Breakdown which worked well as... Continue Reading →


Grymkin vs The World – Game 4

So I have played a game in the interim but forgot to take photos, which based on social media rule 1 (pics or it didn't happen) means that it didn't happen.  Anyway I did manage two pictures of this game so we'll give it a write up. In a second bout of "if you can't... Continue Reading →

Grymkin vs the World – Game 2

This weeks game was into Rob and his Circle.  I'd reverted my pair to the tournament list after last week's fiasco. This basically meant swapping 2xfrightmares for 2 gorehounds, 4 cask imps and a mad caps unit. I thought this gave me more options going forward and asked good questions of melee orientated lists. The... Continue Reading →

The Warmachine Line

1. AN INTRODUCTION Sometimes, I wonder about the game we play, and how seriously we should take it. In this article I’m going to try and shed a little light on my take on warmachine as a hobby, and what it means to me. Brace yourself reader, this could get deep. The Concept of the... Continue Reading →

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